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Ideal team game for all ages with up to 6 players per team.

For a real eye catching and extremely exciting form of entertainment, our inflatable volleyball court is the perfect item! With the added incentive of an inflatable bed, those daring dives to keep the ball up become a much more common occurance, producing some epic moments!

Additionally, the inflatable can be transformed into a dodge ball arena, like in the film Dogeball! The same rules apply as in the film where if you are hit the ball you are out! Unless you catch it then you bring another team mate back in the game! The team that removes all the players from the opposition, wins!

Both games are a superb way of getting people together have having some fun. Ideal for team builds, fundays & private parties!

Equipment Dimensions: 15.3m x 7.3m x 3.5m      Ideal Space Requirements: 17m x 9m x 4m

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